Monday, October 8, 2007

Mileposts on the Writer's Road

The thing about mileposts is that they let you know how far it is to your destination. For many years my destination was To Get Published, and to get there I had to pass through Signing A Contract.

The roadsigns to Signing A Contract were conflicting and I kept taking wrong turns. Once I made the right turn, the signs were easier to follow.

After finding To Get Published, I went in search of Sales. I traveled to the far-flung cities of Promotional Opportunities and Networking. I paid my dues in Yahell and rode the merri-go-round of Believing Your Own Hype.

Exhausted, I came home to bone up for The Next Book. Oddly, there were new impediments to this destination. I thought I'd remember the way to Signing A Contract, but new editors planted Detour signs in the potholed road. More wrong turns but finally Signing A Contract came into sight again.

I viewed this destination through a seasoned veteran's eyes. Reaching it had been harder. I'd stressed about The Next Book being better than The First Book, but each book is a city unto itself. Full of unique landmarks, peopled by diverse characters.

After The Next Book found a home, I needed a break from traveling and cozied up with an old friend. This friend wants to hit the road, but she needs a better wardrobe and a different map. And it seems that the remembered luster of the road is enough for now. I'll be heading out soon enough to accompany The Next Book through Promotional Opportunites and Networking.

I'd like to travel more places with The Next Book, but for now, I'm shoring up my old friend and catching my breath. There's a part of me that marvels that a small town girl from Georgia could make this journey at all.

Especially one as directionally challenged as I am!

Maggie Toussaint


J L said...

but each book is a city unto itself. Full of unique landmarks, peopled by diverse characters.

How right you are about this! I, too, had that worry but I soon realized that "better" is a relative term!


Angela Jefferson said...

I love this post. I can see why newsletters want to use it. I'm still at the beginning of the journey, packing my bags!