Monday, October 22, 2007

Georgia is bi-seasonal

We don't have too many seasons in coastal Georgia. We have HOT and not so hot. HOT is blistering and uncomfortable and you are drenched in sweat each time you walk out the door. Not so hot is everything else, but mostly 65-75 degree weather. Its rare to get a prolonged freeze down here. Many of our trees keep their leaves year round, so we are denied that great fall scent too.

It used to be that spring was conference season for me. Now that I have books to promote, I'm choosing conferences based on release dates. In 2008, I hope to attend conferences in March, April, and August. And for 2009, I'm starting that year off with a cruising conference.

Right now I'm in the season of contest judging. I've got my Beacons and Eppies. My Golden Hearts and Marlenes will come in next. Then I'll be done for a bit, thank heavens!

My Freya's Bower story is moving forward again. I've been in contact with the cover artist. We're working on a scheme for the trilogy of sister books. Seeing Red is Emma's book and I hope that its a big hit.

Heck I hope all my books are big hits. Don't we all?

Keep on Reading!

Maggie Toussaint

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