Monday, October 29, 2007

Blogging, juggling, and resurrecting

When you consider that I'd never even read a blog post this time last year, I've come a long way, baby. I blog here, and over at Sweeter Romantic Notions, and I hit my publisher's blogs every now and then, but that's it for me. I don't crawl the web and check out what anyone else has to say.

Not that I'm a snob or anything, I just don't have time. Before book contracts and before second career as a newspaper journalist, I had lots of time to be creative and web surf. That was two years ago. Now that I have so many demands on my time, I have to carve out writing time. Everything else is constantly being juggled: family, choir, yoga, conferences, promo, Ultreya, television show, trips to visit the kids (God, I almost forgot my kids. That should tell you how full my days are.), publishers, biking, reading, taking time out with friends.

It's a miracle I remember to water my potted plants. My indicator plant, the one that droops quickest when I forget to water regularly, has been revived from the grave several times this summer. One plant didn't make it. Another one, a Norfolk Island pine, I convinced my husband to plant in the yard so that I didn't have to be responsible for it anymore. Now I'm down to 3 plants. The indicator plant (don't know what kind it is), a spider plant, and a Christmas cactus. Hardy souls, one and all.

That's me, a regular one-woman three-ring circus - blogging, juggling, and resurrecting.

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Maggie Toussaint

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