Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sorry to step in early, but I'm a bit busy. We had storm damage last night, and I'm embroiled in clearing a 60' tree out of my yard. Plus deadlines at work, blogging on CTR ... I'm dipping in to blog when I can.

Regarding my 'lives': I haven't tried to mix any of them: work, writing friends, family, other friends. Okay, no, I take that back. My family has met my other friends (people I used to work with but who have since gone on to other jobs, as have I).

I think they'd all get along, but it's like a big Venn diagram, one of those intersecting circle things: some people would overlap in this spot, others in that. Some have the same interests, others have nothing in common.

Why mix it up? Now that my secret is out (that I'm published), it's easy to keep them all separate and equal. And I rather like it. I can talk about writing things with my non-writing friends, and get a whole new take on a story. These are READERS and they give me such excellent ideas!

So I'll meander along as I'm going ... me and my Venn diagrams ...

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