Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Flexing writerly muscles

Seems like I've been in edit mode all year. That's the thing about book sales, they force you to polish your work more than you've ever done before, plus someone else gets to add their two cents in to what makes a book marketable.

With my sale in romantic suspense last year, I decided to polish up another older story and submit it as a followup book. That worked fine. It was contracted right away but the editor requested substantial corrections. I'm still working on them.

Looking back at other "finished" but unsold books is interesting. With the passing of time, our skill level changes, hopefully for the better. Craft improves with practice and that's what we do with each story, flex our writerly muscles. Like any other pursuit, you only get better if you practice, so get going!

Maggie Toussaint

NO SECOND CHANCE and SEEING RED coming this fall

IN FOR A PENNY, a June 2008 Five Star release

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