Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Me: 3 facts (and a picture)

Here's 3 facts about me that are not necessarily writing-related. Or maybe they are, in a weird way.

Oh, BTW: I'm not the head Maven. No way. Nope. Not me. I'm just the head Topic Person. Yep. That's me.

Okay, facts:

1. In 36 years I have lived at 27 different addresses, some overseas, and some in various parts of the USA. One year I moved 4 times and one year I moved 3 times (to escape a cockroach-infested apartment once). I am currently on year 14 at my current address and every spring I *itch* to move. If I stay here 3 more years it will be a record.

2. I'm an insomniac of sorts. I'm one of those people who fall asleep like a rock then wake up, wide awake, 5-6 hours later and can't get back to sleep. So I get up and workout or go to work or write (oops, I mentioned writing). I figure, hey, I'm up, I may as well do something with it.

3. I'm known for my inability to sit still for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Family members can set their watches by how long I sit. Movies bore me and corporate meetings send me over the edge (I always carry a notepad with me so I can jot down plot ideas while the Suits drone on).

duh duh duh ... that's all, folks!

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